We are quite just a service, and our relationship with you continues well beyond the day your puppy reaches your home. We are puppy lovers ourselves and need nothing to get it wrong with any puppy, but a puppy’s health relies on a variety of things like genetics, exercise, food & nourishment, and overall care that don’t seem to be always within our control. While we won’t guarantee that your puppy will never have a pathological state, we are able to promise we are going to do our greatest to make sure your new loved one is healthy from the instant he or she arrives home!

It all starts with choosing our breeders. We carefully screen our breeders and only work with people who meet our industry-leading standards. Once a breeder has been accepted into our community, we still make sure that they’re raising healthy puppies by requiring comprehensive health evaluations for each puppy they place through YorkshireYorkies. Each breeder is required to stay their puppies up-to-date on all vaccinations and de-wormings and each puppy must pass an intensive medical examination before being allowed to travel. Finally, as a further check and to activate your puppy’s Health Guarantee, we ask that you just take your puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of receiving your puppy, so we are able to make sure that your puppy is happy and healthy from the instant he or she arrives at your home.

Health Guarantee
The health of your puppy is our primary concern which is why, additionally to any or all that we do to undertake to make sure your puppy is happy and healthy when he or she arrives, we also provide an industry-leading Health Guarantee. For more details about our guarantee, please contact us.

Yorkies are very affectionate and devoted, and they enjoy spending many hours snuggling or playing. whether of their own breed or another can be a little aggressive

Yorkies are highly territorial, as many Terriers can be. They will scrap to defend anything they perceive as one of their possessions. The topline should be level

The Yorkie carries himself in a very upright manner, and his steps are quick and light. His gait is very smooth, and a dog in full coat looks as though he is gliding rather than walking.

This inclination varies in strength for each individual animal, but it’s a mainstay of the breed’s temperament. This territorial nature leads to more barking than some other breeds